About Us


The Parker Inn. It is for you.

Iconic, stylish and sophisticated, The Parker Inn creates excitingly individual hotels for individual minds. We delight our travel savvy, modern guests with a genuine, inviting ambiance. We create excitement with our stunning, leading edge design. And we strive to engage each and every guest through our innovative and very relevant range of holistic facilities and services, including fast Free Internet. We’ve packaged it all neatly together, with our unique Yes I Can!SM service ethos and our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Our luxury hotel in The Parker Inn has an intricate layout of interconnecting domes and corridors that reflects the layout of Udaipur itself; whose seven lakes are linked by canals. These domes and walkways are flooded with sunlight, caressed by balmy breezes and offer magnificent views of the gardens.

Informal, yet cool and contemporary, The Parker Inn is a place where you can relax and feel at home but also get things done. You have fantastic place to visit near hotel like Central Park Rose Garden, Via Aquarium, and Proctor’s Theater.

Yes I Can: The ONLY Attitude at Parker In

So much more than just a slogan, Yes I Can! is the brand ethos: a special service philosophy that sets us apart from the competition. Being truly genuine hosts is all about giving guests our undivided attention at all times. At The Parker Inn, the hotel manager, the waiter, the receptionist, the porter and every other individual team member plays a vital role in delivering a memorable guest experience.

Yes I Can! is simply our company’s way of life. Enabling and empowering, it guides us to meet any challenge and identify every opportunity. From Glasgow or Capetown, Beijing or Rome, our guests are 100% assured of consistently excellent service.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The Parker Inn Yes I Can! service spirit gives us real standout in our fiercely competitive industry. We love what we do! And as proof of that, we’re proud to offer a special 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.The Parker Inn is committed to ensuring every guest enjoys 100% satisfaction. If you’re unhappy with any aspect of your experience, just let us know during your stay and we’ll swiftly do all we can to put things right.

Our Service Philosophy

The Parker Inn delivers genuine hospitality, designed to ensure that our guests enjoy a truly memorable experience. Our brand defining features include the collective sum of our range of contemporary facilities and services – applied through an iconic, stylish and sophisticated filter; our belief in design with a purpose and our Yes I Can! attitude.

Malcolm's Restaurant

Malcolm’s Restaurant food is Delicious. wholehearted welcome our stylish Malcolm’s Restaurant r concept. Malcolm’sfood is refined… not fine dining, but definitely fresh, seasonal, sustainable. The menu focuses on authenticity, mixed with a dash of innovation. Stylish presentation is key. And our new, theatrical service style – including highly skilled Food.Best Restaurant to top it all off, we play great, well-chosen music – with exactly the right lighting for the time of day – to create the perfect mood and feel.